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About Us

Leather Edge is a name that promises quality, trust and commitment. We believe in delivering high-class lifestyle products like office accessories, Bags , Belts and related fashion accessories , utility products, gift items/Gift boxes, Home and kitchen items, Hotel Décor, and much more. All of our products are customized and curated with PU leather or leather as per our customer’s requirements. The company is strongly backed by qualified workers who put their best efforts to make quality products each and every time. They are our strength and they are extremely talented artisans who analyse the intricacies of a potential product and then bring the best quality products into existence. Our products have a taste and look which have gone overseas to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Why Choose us?


Hospitality & Hotel Items
Office Items
Lifestyle and Stationary


We can customize products of supreme quality basis the client’s requirement. Get any product curated in Leather and PU leather. Our team and highly skilled workforce will get your products customized.

How and why should we customise for you?

As we believe in delivering the best experience to our customers, Our designers and workforce curate and customise what you want keeping supreme quality and affordability in mind.

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      For any question contact our 24/7 call center: +91 9871 3057 52

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